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Our Unforgettable First Time
After the indoor training in October 2005, we began our first monitoring activity.  When the volunteers reached the beach, everyone was so uncertain about what he/she should do.  The beach was all covered by liter, hardly any spare space left.  Rubbish was too much to clean up, such as Styrofoam, beverage cups, glass beverage bottles, medical glass bottles, and the like.  Styrofoam was breaking into countless tiny particles, and our volunteers had to use flat wooden trunk to grasp and clean them.  Our volunteers took a great deal of efforts to clean the beach.  The task was so tough that everyone was exhausted after cleaning just 50-meter long beach.  The first time we encaged many volunteers, and then only about 10 volunteers came for the second cleanup.  The work was a bit too difficult for many people, we guess.



Involvement of Volunteers
Gradually the numbers of the volunteers increase.  Lots of volunteers join the activity whenever they find time.  Then the Marine Debris Monitoring Association was founded by the volunteers.  The Association makes the volunteer participation work even better.  Moreover, the data collected was uploaded to the Internet for information sharing.  We made it a set time to meet on the third Sunday of every month.  This once-a-month, 3-hour cleanup activity becomes an easy routine that everyone can do to help the planet of earth.  Our volunteers include house wives, teachers, bakery chef, business owners, designers, company employees, students, and even children.  Other groups or associations also attend the cleanup occasionally.  Teachers lead the students to join us.  Company employees and many families consider the cleanup as a nice outdoor activity.  The increasing participants make us very delighted.